Wiggs, Basset Hound from Argyle

Next in the spotlight for the 2018 North Texas Basset Hound Rescue Calendar is a special dog from Argyle and the adorable Miss July, Wiggs.

I knew Wiggs, short for Wiggles, and I were going to get along great from the beginning. I mean her name alone was just too precious! What a great name her mom chose, an ode to her body wiggling in pure, tail wagging, happiness.

Not only was Wiggs a lot of fun to photograph– her mom was fun too! We had a great time laughing and enjoying the adventures Wiggs led us on as I played “puparazzi” with my camera. It was easy to see that Wigg’s mom had a deep love of the breed. She has been a long time Basset foster mom and she’s had many Basset family members too. Last I heard, the number of foster dogs she’s taken in over the years was nearing 50!

Wiggs’ mom also has spent a lot of time on training both her own dogs and the foster dogs while they’re with her. Wiggs had many tricks including putting her listening skills to great use when her mom put a treat on her nose and hold her to wait before she could eat it. She was very patient and it made an adorable series of images.

Not only did Wiggs impress me, she also drew a crowd during her photo session. Several times other people in the park came over to us to ask about Wiggs. It was a great opportunity for her mom to talk about Basset Hounds as a breed and the rescue. Of course, Wiggs enjoyed the attention and petting from her new friends too so she didn’t seem to mind being a NTBHR embassador at all!

In the end, Wiggs had many great dog photography portraits to choose from and it really was hard to narrow down. We could have easily gone in several different directions/styles with the final image selection seen above. Another successful dog photography session in the books!

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Interested in adopting or fostering a Basset?

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