One of the awesome things about hiring me as your pet photographer is a special service included- my signature Master Art Retouching.

My team and regularly wow our clients with the amazing things we do to ensure each portrait is truly “picture perfect.”

All of the enhancements are done in Photoshop to our clients’ needs and desires so in some instances we change very little and in others, we go all out! This is all included in the artwork prices.

Side note… we think all pets and their people are perfect as is, but will happily change the portraits to best suit the clients’ vision.

Some examples of included signature master art retouching:

  • For pets:
    • Removing the leashes
    • Cleaning of tear stains
    • Cleaning up fur covering the eyes (doodles I’m talking about you!)
    • Whitening Teeth
    • Brightening eyes (especially dark eyes on dark pets)
    • Removing staining on the face
    • Cleaning up fur
    • Removing drool and foam
    • Adding fur to a shaved area
  • For people:
    • Fixing flyaway hairs
    • Smoothing of skin (especially loved in close-ups)
    • Removing fur from clothes (or we can keep it- real life!)
    • Cleaning up drool or paw prints on clothes
    • Slimming and contouring for face and body
    • Whitening teeth
    • Brightening eyes and skin

And more!

We share this information to say- please don’t hesitate to book a photo session because you’re waiting for your pet’s hair to grow back in after surgery or because you aren’t feeling 100% ready to be in front of a camera. There are so many amazing things we can do before, during, and after your photos are taken to ensure you love them!

Examples of Master Art Retouching

britany dog photo session- frisco pet photography- jenna regan dog photography before editingbritany dog photo session- frisco pet photography- jenna regan dog photography
great dane puppy photo shoot prosper texas after editinggreat dane puppy photo shoot prosper texas before editing