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Looking for a professional pet photographer in the Dallas Fort Worth area?

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or some other pet… you’re in the right place for one-of-a-kind portraits and a fabulous experience!

[Pets are welcome to include their people too 😉]

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Jenna Regan Photography


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Hi, I’m Jenna

If you have a special relationship with your pets and can’t stop talking about how much you love ‘em… we’re going to be great friends! 

Not only am I the SAME exact way about my beloved pets, who let’s face it are WAY more than pets, I also truly mean it when I say I want to know all about your pets and family.

Hearing all the stories and memories from my clients is one of the best parts of my job as a professional pet photographer and is oh-so-important to the resulting photos.

My approach is different. I ask, listen, and learn all about my clients, their pets, and their journey together and then weave that into their photo session and images. 

The result is one-of-a-kind images that mean something.

Images that you can look at and say “that’s him” (or her, them, or us!) 

The images are the perfect representation of your love and my vision to bring it to life for you.

You’re in for a remarkable experience and images, my friend!

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You should also know…

I’m an award-winning, internationally published, full-time professional pet photographer focused on photographing pets (dogs, cats, horses, and more) and people throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas in Texas. (But yes, I do travel!)

What I do is a little different because I specialize in capturing the best in both people and pets!

It’s one thing to take great photos of people and it’s one thing to take great photos of pets, but bringing the two together… well let me tell you…that’s a specialty in and of itself! 

And that’s the cool thing about hiring me and my team.

We are masters at posing and photographing people and pets… we work with every kind of person, every type of family, and every kind of pet from dogs to cats, to horses, to any other furry or feathery pet. 

Perhaps we have a different definition of “family” than you might find elsewhere. But to us, pets are family. PERIOD. And that love, that bond, that special something (and all pets have it!) deserves to be celebrated in timeless, treasured portraits. 

My team and I have a unique process I’ve created to bring out the best in everyone and have a truly special experience both pets and people enjoy. In my professional circles, I’ve never heard of anyone approaching pet photography and pet portraits like I do. 

You should know you’ll be 100% taken care of during every step… my team (who are the most amazing, caring, positive people you’ll ever meet) and I are masters of attention to detail and even if this whole idea is a bit fuzzy to you, like how do we do this or I’m not sure what I really want… don’t worry.

We’re going to take your hand and lead the way. Get ready…. the results will blow you away!

What to Expect

I create custom pet portraits, an unparalleled boutique experience, and a visual legacy of what you love about your pet, curated into the finest heirloom quality artwork you can’t wait to show off! 

Each client gets 100% of my attention and dedication to not only meet but also surpass your expectations. 

That’s the Jenna Regan Photography promise. (And we’re very serious about promises around here!)

But this isn’t about me, my team, or this special business we’ve built… it’s about you and your pet.

Every pet has a story to tell and it’s my job to find it.  Let’s show off what makes your pet special to you.

So what are you waiting for?  If you have questions, concerns, or any sort of uncertainty, I hear you! It’s totally normal and I’ll help you figure it out. I’m excited to learn about you and I’m all ears. 

Complimentary Discovery Call

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Words from happy clients

about what I do and my work

Dana M

"Don't even hesitate. If you want quality photos and a GREAT experience, then she's the one."

Cindy H

She is exceptionally perceptive, patient, and creative when working with animals in outdoor settings, which is clearly her passion and calling. And no one does it better!

Kendra S

Jenna did a fantastic job of really capturing the personalities of my animals. It was fun and low key, definitely worth the price!

Tasha T Arlington, TX

Our biggest fear was that our pictures would look terrible because we aren't photogenic people and Max is a bit high maintenance and stubborn.

I think when we left the park we anticipated at least a few good ones of Max and maybe, if we were lucky, a few of us that we could save. Jenna kept telling us they were good but we assumed she was humoring us.

That was completely wrong... The pictures were so good we had a hard time narrowing down to our favorites. I was shocked and overly excited to have a huge number of pictures to pick from.

Our Signature Process: Master Art Retouching

This highly detailed, hand-done Photoshop editing is included with all of our final artwork for each and every pet photography session!

You’ll be amazed at what we can do to ensure your pet is safe, having fun, and picture-perfect! {Not to mention the added bonuses of what we can do for people too!}

Check out more pet photography before and after examples.

Complimentary Discovery Call

before editing jenna regan photography dog portraitsafter editing by jenna regan photography dog portraits

award winning dallas pet dog photographer jenna regan


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