5 Reasons to Include your Dog in a Maternity Photo Session 

As the year begins, I want to highlight some of our favorite photo sessions that have inspired our recent blogs! 

I have had several soon-to-be-parents travel a few hours with their dogs for their customized photo session because it is such a significant event in their life. We understand that there’s only one chance to get it right. And promise you’re going to love your experience and the final result!

Here are 5 fun reasons why you should consider hiring a professional and incorporating your dog into your photoshoot: 

1. Documenting your final days as a family of 3 

So many parents we meet are first dog moms and dads before they have their own little human to care for. It is an exciting time transitioning to parenthood and we love when clients want to include their dog or dogs in their maternity photo session. 

Some of our clients don’t want to have the spotlight fully shine on themselves, but rather on their pet and what is going on in their world. Incorporating a family dog into the photography session serves a dual purpose of getting family photos and pet photos. 

Many of our sessions have been with senior dogs where we celebrated all their favorite things like toys, treats, bubbles, swimming, catching sticks, and just laying around soaking up the sun. Soon-to-be parents aren’t sure when or if they will be able to do these things once their bundle of joy arrives. 

We get so much pleasure documenting a senior dog’s legacy before he/she becomes a big brother or sister! It’s a really precious photography milestone to capture. 

2. Maternity Photo Sessions and Gender Reveals are Popular 

We live in the time of social media where we all love to share our milestones with friends and family all over the world. Including your furbaby in your maternity photo session is unique and will make you stand out from the norm. And give you a chance to show off your family just as they are now!

In the past, we have had clients combine their gender reveal and maternity photo sessions. As you can imagine, it was just too much fun to photograph the pink or blue and watching parents and pups celebrate their upcoming arrival!

Because this has been such a popular request, we have created a master list of things that we can do to make your gender reveal extra special, include your dog, and be even more unique. Over the years our list has grown into an impressive and creative database that will be a good jumping-off point and then will be tailored specifically for you and your needs. 

We are serious about customization, not repetition. In the end, you will have beautiful pictures to display at your baby shower and to decorate your nursery before the baby arrives. AND, of course, you will have one of a kind photos for Facebook and Instagram. 

We promise we can keep the gender a secret until the big moment!!

3. The Last Time You Had Professional Photos Was Your Wedding 

We get it. Life is busy. If you think back to the last time you had a professional photo taken, it’s possible it was on your wedding day. And our guess is that your dog was not in the photos! A maternity photo session is a wonderful way to document the timeline of your life with the doggy you have probably had long before a baby. 

Treat yourself! Between starting to fill out a baby book with ultrasound pictures and planning your future birth announcement, you will want to savor this moment, decorate your home with beautiful artwork, and enjoy unique photos to share with others. 

In case you’re wondering… We can do indoor, with options both in the studio or in your home, or outdoor sessions whether it be a location from our master list or your own backyard. I’ll guide you and help you figure out which is best and how to bring your dream session to life. 

4. Show off all the Baby Stuff 

Here at Jenna Regan Photography, we don’t use dogs as props because they are equal to a family member in our eyes. BUT we do love when clients bring baby items to incorporate into their photo session. Whether it be a personalized onesie, a book, or a baby toy, we will have fun documenting memories with you.

This is a customized onesie that a couple of clients have recommended: 

Our hearts melt when we photograph mom and dad reading a baby book to their only dog child! Here’s one of our favorites

5. A Once in a Lifetime Unforgettable Experience 

This is the time to celebrate you and your dog. We love to say that a photo session with Jenna Regan Photography is a production and the pets are the stars. 

Let my team and I, the professionals, worry about getting the perfect shot. Your job is to relax, have fun, get spoiled by us, and get excited over the amazing photos that will be hanging on your walls for years to come. 

Sadly our pets are with us for a shorter period of time than we would like. You go from having a puppy to a senior dog in the blink of an eye. Once a new family member is added, the time flies even more quickly. The time is passing so quickly that you won’t be able to slow down as much once you have a baby. 

Are you ready to schedule your personalized maternity session? 

We recommend that you schedule your maternity photo session in your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy (28-34 weeks) when the baby belly is most photogenic. We always suggest booking well in advance, when possible, so we can start planning the perfect session for you and your dog and give you plenty of time to find the perfect outfits, props, and special items to include! 

Don’t have a dog? We can incorporate and photograph cats and horses and any other pets into a maternity photo session too. So don’t feel that you’re missing out- I’d love to work with your pets too!

Reach out through our contact page and we’ll guide you through everything and make sure we are the perfect fit for you!