There’s never a dull moment being a professional dog photographer! You never know what might happen. Last weekend, we had an awesome opportunity to have Jon Goss from WFAA shadow us while photographing dogs in the bluebonnets. I wanted to share a little bit about our adventures, the behind the scenes, and final photos!

The Dog Models

Because the photo session purpose was just for the news story feature, we organized the photo sessions with dogs from our “Dog Model Database” who we’ve photographed before. My goal was to have dogs of very different breeds, sizes, ages, personalities and energy levels. I felt like this would show the variety of possibilities I encounter regularly as a professional dog photographer. Also, the resulting photos are a shining example of all the same tools being used, same location, even the same day yet wildly different strategies and angles for the final images of each dog.

Ella, the French Bulldog

Ella is the sweetest little Frenchie I’ve photographed, I think, 9 times now. I’m always thrilled when her mom books another photo session because I just know what a dream Ella is to work with! Everyone who meets her loves her and she’s always super happy to participate. Though I think at times she’s pretty much working our system constantly for treats, we can’t resist spoiling her. She is very polite, attentive, and even more adorable since she’s super petite and somewhat smaller than the typical breed standard. Another fun part about photographing Ella in the bluebonnets is she is virtually eye level with the flowers, which is perfect! Ella is very well behaved but can get excited and bouncy at times, which is typical for a dog. She gives me the perfect mix of action and posed portraits!

Hank, the English Mastiff

I don’t know a dog out there who can compare to Hank! He’s at the complete opposite end of the spectrum weighing in at 219 lbs. He is massive in all ways and has the BIGGEST heart. He is a true gentle giant, very easy going and such a happy boy. I adore him! He stops people in their tracks wherever he and his dad go. I asked Hank to be a part because of his easy-going personality and his super unique look. (And because I always love to see him!)  I knew he would stand tall above the bluebonnets which would further accentuate his massive size. Also, his dark coat would really contrast against the flowers and greenery and give me a chance to show how I photograph a black dog, something I often hear clients struggle with on their own. He is a very laid back dog but is so easy going that I have to work hard to get- and keep- his attention another element that adds a challenge as a pet photographer.

George, the Brittany

George is a very distinctive Brittany rescued and adopted by Brittany Rescue in Texas, one of my favorite Dallas-Fort Worth dog rescues. He’s a great example of the Brittany breed and often represents BRIT at events. I’ve enjoyed working with and photographing George for more than 5 years now! I last worked with him in August 2017, on location for a photo session that resulted in some stellar images, including one that was published by Dogs Today magazine. Aside from just loving George and wanting to include a rescue dog, I wanted to have a medium sized dog between tiny Ella and massive Hank. Also, I wanted a dog with more energy who would keep me on my toes. George is always a good boy and listens well but he also is an active dog who likes to explore and doesn’t miss anything. This is typical for the Brittany Spaniel breed. I love working with dogs like George because he gives me unique photo opportunities by the way he moves, things he does, and how he puts his own flair on the photos. Often times my clients worry when their dogs are more active and busy like this, but if that’s who your dog is then that’s perfect! I can work with any personality and energy level and get unique photos.

My Favorite Moments Not Seen

We all had a great time during the filming. I was in the zone, doing my normal thing often forgetting about the cameras and being recorded. I’m down on the ground, petting and talking to the dogs, giving treats and making all sorts of noises. Yep, all my normal antics! I can’t help it, I’m a professional dog photographer this is what I do all the time.

Some of my favorite moments didn’t make the story, which I completely understand as the over 2.5+ hours we spent out there had to be cut down to less than 2 minutes!

I wish I had a video myself of Hank in action. Despite being his normal laid back self, he was surprisingly curious about the video camera getting closer and closer to him. So Hank decided to check it out, getting up close and personal with the camera and Jon, leaving a big sloppy kiss on the lens. Oops! I caught the before and after of it in between fits of laughter!

english mastiff in wildflowers bluebonnet photo shoot in carrolltonThe most animated moment goes to George. When Jon flew the drone overhead to film, George was enthralled. He was so curious as to what this giant thing hovering overhead was. It sounded like a mosquito and George looked up intently at it, followed the sight and sound very inquisitively, complete with “head tilts” happening in every direction. He reminded me of a bobblehead dog. It was adorable! We all had a big laugh about that.

The cutest Ella moment that sticks out to me was actually not while I was photographing her. I was photographing George and Aimee, my fabulous right-hand assistant, came over to give George some dog treats. Ella was watching this happen from the side and she was looking at us with these big puppy dog eyes as if to question why George was getting all the treats and the attention in front of the camera. I pointed it out, we laughed and made sure to spoil Ella some more! (It’s easy to do!) What’s even funnier is I swear Ella gets the same look whenever I’m photographing her kitty sister, Luna, instead of her!

Watch the WFAA Story

Hit play below to see the television news feature and how our adventures in the bluebonnets turned out!

Final Photos of the Dogs

Press play and check out the final image results below! Each dog has something totally different and unique I was inspired to create just for them!