Each spring, I eagerly wait for the wildflower season to begin throughout Dallas Fort Worth.

It’s a popular concept and time of year for dog photography with so many possibilities. And of course one of my most requested spring photo sessions incorporates our beloved bluebonnets.

Many people venture out to the bluebonnet patches and fields to get pictures taken. It’s a Texas tradition! And why not include your dogs?!

Dogs of all breeds and sizes look adorable amongst the blankets of bluebonnets. I’ve photographed everything from Yorkshire Terriers to Labradors to Mastiffs. I’ve picked up many dog photography tips and tricks over the years, so I thought I would share them in my latest guide.

This guide is helpful to both those who want to take a quick snapshot themselves and those who want to prepare for a professional photo session in the wildflowers.

Sadly the bluebonnets only last a short time, but we are fortunate to have other varieties of wildflowers to seek out, photography and enjoy too so this guide is useful at least half the year in North Texas!

It’s beautifully laid out with photos, tips, and even a bonus feature photo gallery of swoon-worthy local wildflowers.

Get instant access below and take your dogs out for an adventure!