Joy Session Interview

For four years now, I’ve been a premium member of a network called Joy Session. A fellow pet photographer from Minnesota, Sarah Ernhart, created it from her own pet photography work, as a way to connect people looking to have their aging pets photographed with professional photographers who offer senior pet and end of life photography for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. It’s evolved to offer other end of life/pet loss support, which continues to include pet photography.

I consider it a privilege to be among this collective group of professionals and was thrilled to be featured on with a business spotlight on the blog.

Check out the feature on Jenna Regan Photography.

I’ve always had a soft spot for senior pets, going back to my own dog Clyde, who passed away in January of 2016 at the age of 15.  There’s something so captivating about staring into their eyes, looking at their frosted faces, and feeling the contentment they have with life.

I photograph senior dogs regularly, and also often receive last minute requests to photograph dogs at the end of their days.  And I can honestly say that it’s always heartbreaking when I hear a pet has passed.

I can vividly recall all the dogs I’ve spent time with in front of and behind the camera and in a way I feel like they are all “mine” so the news of losing another dog (or other pet) stops me in my tracks.

As I shared in the interview on Joy Session, one of the things I hear the most of is about missed opportunities to have pets that have now passed on photographed. It’s a far too often conversation where I hear “if only we had known you when Fido was still with us…” or “I wish I had made time to do this while I had both dogs…”

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