Dog Photography Product Spotlight: Coffee Table Album

After five years in the business of photographing pets, I’ve created some amazing albums and have been meaning to share some of them on the blog. This album was from a pet photography session in Fort Worth. (Yes I photograph people and pets in Fort Worth and all over DFW, even though my office is based in North Dallas.) Two adorable Basset hounds named Lucy and Scarlet showed me around their world which included belly rubs, stuffed toys, howling, laying in the grass, and spending time with their mom. Hit play above to check it out!

Why a Coffee Table Album?

Each photography session I capture is an experience in itself. It’s a special time in life and we’re stopping to preserve whatever this time means to you. But truly the end goal stems beyond the here and now, so with each client I want to find the best way for you to get the most enjoyment out of your images for years and years to come.

I pride myself in offering many great options for you to choose from when deciding what way you want to enjoy the images from your pet photography session. I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time, researching, ordering, testing, and perfecting all things product related. With that process, I’ve found some truly unique and high quality products that go beyond the ordinary pet photo options! After all, your pet is anything but ordinary!

One of my most favorite products I offer, are the coffee table albums. First and foremost I love the albums because they tell a story. But not just any story, it’s a special one- your pet story. And just like each pet, each story is unique. So naturally, every album is one-of-a-kind and custom.

Secondly, the quality is second to none. Each element from the cover, to the binding, to the rich photographic paper is archival and heirloom. When you hold the album in your hands and flip through the pages you can feel the quality.

The majority of my clients are interested in albums because they can choose a larger number of photos in total from their photo session. After all, with all the adorable photos in front of you, it’s hard to choose just one. Albums give you the opportunity to have any number of images  from your photo session. You can choose to pick just your absolute favorites or you can have every image from your session if you want.

It’s a great conversation piece to have at home. With a custom cover choice of luxurious Italian leather, an image on canvas or an image on a smooth hard cover, the coffee table album definitely draws attention. Plus having such a beautiful album of your pet can literally give you a reason to clean up your coffee table, or so a client once told me!

The portability of the coffee table album is another bonus. My clients have told me of taking their album with them to show off at the office, on business trips, and while visiting family and friends out of town. Even when you can’t have your pet with you, you can have your album.

Imagine this, it’s five years from now. Hopefully you have your beloved dog, cat, or horse still in your life. But what if you don’t? If you’re like me and have several senior pets, it’s a stressful thought. How will you remember your love for him or her? My hope for everyone, is that you’ve taken time to not only get photographs taken, but you’ve also put them in display in your home in some way. Seeing an image on a screen is nice, but holding a handcrafted album in your hands is magical. It allows you to get drawn into the moment, take a step back, smile, laugh, remember.

Interested in a pet photography session?

Whether you’re in the Dallas area or beyond, I’d love to connect with you and create a beautiful, sentimental coffee table album, or whatever you’d cherish most, from your pet’s photography session. Contact me and I’ll respond with a warm hello, handle all the details, and make it a fun, stress-free experience.