When I heard about a new group forming called “Dog Moms of Dallas”  I just had to get involved and couldn’t wait to meet these awesome ladies. It’s a Facebook group that brings together dog moms throughout DFW to have a place online to share all their dog related photos, questions, stories and more. We also get together at least once a month to meet and socialize both with and without our dogs. Before I even attended the first event in June, I had already checked my schedule and confirmed I would definitely be at the July event as well with my camera to capture the fun and socialize! I just knew I was going to love being a part of this group.

One of my absolute favorite things about the dog community in Dallas (and Texas for that matter) is how many awesome dog related activities and events there are. As much as I can, I love to attend events as either a vendor with a booth or as a photographer to capture the fun! I’ve met all sorts of fun people over the years of being a pet photographer in Dallas and so many have been through events.

I’m a dog mom too. I have three crazy dogs (Jack, Ace, and Leo) who are my perpetual sidekicks at home. Now as much as I’d love to, I can’t bring any of my dogs with me to events because my schedule always includes multiple appointments, deliveries, and errands when I head out the door since I live so far north of Dallas.  Plus my dogs prefer napping at home in the air conditioning in all honesty! (They are lazy, spoiled babies! haha) So I’ve been attending the meetups with my camera in tow and photographing and meeting awesome dogs and people. It’s seriously been so much fun!

So back to the first event which was in early June on a perfect Friday evening at Mutts Canine Cantina in downtown Dallas. I have a confession, prior to the meetup I had never been to Mutts! I have always heard about it and wanted to visit but I just hadn’t had a chance. So when I heard that was the plan I was ever so excited.

For those of you who haven’t been, Mutts it’s a outdoor patio/bar/dog park/restaurant that basically has everything you need if you’re out and about with your pup. So it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to go hang out again at. Dog Moms of Dallas doesn’t have any more events planned there at the moment, as we keep going to new locations every month, but I’m sure I’ll be back again in the future.

Being this was the first event, I didn’t know anyone or know what to expect but I had a great time, met new people and lucked out because one of my favorite clients Ella the Frenchie and her mom Nikki came by to visit and say hi!

Naturally, it was a blast playing “paparazzi” photographing candid images of the dogs and people having a good time together. There were all ages, sizes, and breeds out there and I though that the turnout was awesome for the first event. As usual, I spent more time talking and petting dogs then photographing, but that’s the fun in going to meet ups and events. I get to photograph and socialize playing the part of pet photographer and dog mom!

And to make a great group even better, the Dogs Moms of Dallas always supports a new dog/pet related charity every month to raise money and donations. This event was in support of the DFW Humane Society in Irving. So it makes it even better to be involved and part of such a great group because we are having fun and helping homeless pets in throughout Dallas and surrounding areas.

I also attended two other events with the Dog Moms of Dallas this summer so far, one at the public dog park at DFW Humane Society and another at White Rock Lake Dog Park in Dallas. So I’ll definitely have to share those photos and write about those too in future blog posts!

Below I share some of the photos I took at the event. Enjoy!

Calling all Dog Moms of Dallas and Dallas Dogs

If you’re a dog mom, I definitely recommend joining the Dog Moms of Dallas Facebook Group and hanging out with us at events. I promise it’s a welcoming group and a great time, with or without your dog.

PS– if you’re looking to attend more dog events be sure and check out Dallas Dog Life and Dog About Town for all the upcoming events and activities in the DFW area. They are both great resources!

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dog moms of dallas june meet up

small dog at mutts canine cantina dallas texas

boxer dog at dog park dallas texas

dogs playing in group at mutts canine cantina dallas

golden retriever and german shepherd playing at dog park in dallas texas

terrier dog sitting at mutts canine cantina dallas

group of dog moms talking at mutts canine cantina

beautiful german shepherd at mutts dog park in dallas