The end of the year is here again and I can’t believe I’m beginning my fifth year of photographing pets and people throughout DFW. Wow! So many great memories and images come to mind over the years.

This year I photographed more than 145 dogs, cats, and horses! Needless to say it was a busy year and there was never a dull moment (or a break from editing!)

As I reflect on 2016, I couldn’t possibly name one specific moment or thing that was the highlight but I ended the latter part of 2016 with a brand new office in McKinney which ranks pretty high on the list. It has been pretty awesome for me and my clients!


Yes, what a year 2016 has been! To finish off this AMAZING year for my business, I wanted to share some really exciting news!! Jenna Regan Photography won 2nd for the Dallas A-List Best Pet Photography. Thank you so much to my wonderful clients and supporters!

While winning first would have been a thrill, when I started JRP in 2012 I never set out to get recognition or awards. As grateful and excited as I am to have won second, I can’t help but think of the things that truly mean the most to me in my business and personal life… And I say this from my heart, that it’s the relationships and connections I’ve made.

Clients have become friends. I’ve taken the very first photos of a new puppy and the very last of an aging senior dog. I’ve met clients for coffee years after their session just to catch up. I get to see photos of my photos gracing the walls, Christmas trees, and coffee tables. I’ve been included in many special moments between families, couples, and friends. I’ve had dogs that truly seem to remember me and get just as excited see me again. I’ve brought my tools and helped countless clients proudly hang my images as wall art in their homes. I’ve delighted in the “thank yous” and “I’m so glad I did this” texts, emails, phone calls and my favorite, handwritten notes.

I’ve shared in the joy and anticipation as my clients open their orders as excited as Christmas morning. My heart has ached to hear of the pets that have passed on, dogs, cats and horses I will never forget. I’ve teared up watching clients cry while viewing their photos for the first time. I’ve laughed hysterically at the antics of countless dogs loving their lives in their own special ways, from running as fast as their little legs can go, to being covered in birthday cake icing. I’ve shopped with clients to help pick out outfits to wear for picture perfect photos.

I’ve photographed dogs in rescue looking for homes and later had the pleasure of photographing them in a new light with their forever families. I have clients move away but make it a priority to go out of their way to book me for photos when visiting again. I’ve been humbled by the client telling me I can’t ever stop being a photographer, because they only want to work with me. And oh so many other wonderful, heartfelt moments and memories.

I remember every dog/cat/horse and client I’ve been lucky enough to work with. You are all the inspiration behind my work, my passion, and my brand. Thank you for your business, but most importantly your support and friendship. I treasure the moments, images, and memories we’ve shared more than any award or amount of money.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful clients and friends I have been blessed to know and photograph in 2016. I just know 2017 will be fabulous with many more exciting moments in front of my camera and behind the scenes!