If you’ve come across my photography work before you may have noticed… I definitely have a thing for wildflowers. As a matter of fact, some of the very first photos I took with a professional caliber camera were of one of my new horses, Josey, by some wildflowers in the pasture. (A decade later, I’m pretty consistent… Josey is grazing in the pasture outside my window right now and I still love wildflowers!)

I love making portraits of the dogs that incorporate the background and scenery to truly create an art piece. While my subjects are always the stars, having a beautiful background is always important to me too and is part of my distinctive style.

To help my clients, I always share my master list of locations throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex that are a good fit. Of course, when it comes to the best wildflower locations, I know where to go! :)

Texas Bluebonnet Season- My Photography Approach

Bluebonnets are a Texas tradition! While I’m not originally from Texas, they have long been one of my most favorite things about spring since I moved here 12 years ago. One thing that I learned early on is there’s a bit of an art AND a science to bluebonnet photography.

First of all, as most Texans know, bluebonnets can only be enjoyed for a few weeks in early Spring so timing is very important to get these iconic portraits. If you schedule too early, the bluebonnets may not be in bloom yet (even if they are elsewhere in Texas) as is the case now in mid-March. If you wait too long the bluebonnets will be going to seed and the grasses around them will have overtaken the bluebonnets.

Don’t worry though as your photographer I can help avoid these dilemmas and even have some locations that we utilize which bloom earlier and later than the more well-known DFW locations. So we have the location and timing dilemma covered!

Another thing I always consider is that Mother Nature can be unpredictable! I start thinking of bluebonnet season in late summer/early fall when the bluebonnets are beginning their germination and growing season. The weather, precipitation, and activity level in the area affect what’s to come in the spring.

Both the short season and the influence of Mother Nature, control the number of bluebonnet sessions we offer each year. My team and I want to be sure you end up with the absolute best bluebonnet images, something that is beyond the snapshot in the bluebonnets. We want the resulting images to be worthy of hanging in your home AND sharing on your social media accounts.

2019 Bluebonnet Season Forecast

Did you know?! 2019 is predicted to be one of the best bluebonnet seasons we’ve seen in the past 10 years! Check out the stories by INSIDER and Texas Hill Country. If you’ve been wanting bluebonnet photos but haven’t scheduled, you won’t want to miss out on getting your family photo (pets included of course) among the bluebonnets this year!

News Feature about Bluebonnet Pet Photography


hank- dogs in bluebonnets jenna regan photography carrollton texas

I was honored to be featured photographing dogs in the bluebonnets last spring with a segment on WFAA Channel 8. You can see the story, resulting photos, how we chose the dogs to photograph, and read the behind the scenes stories. We had some adorable and funny moments not shown in the segment which I share as well. Check it all out here on the blog.

Wildflower Pet Photography Spotlight: Paisley, the Dachshund | 8-month-old Piebald Mini Doxie| North Texas

In honor of the first day of Spring, here are some photos that were taken last week of the ultra-adorable and extremely bouncy Paisley! She certainly provided a fun challenge to photograph as all 7 lbs of her were constantly on the move. As adorable as she is, she is known for her antics to avoid being photographed and I was warned! haha, true to rumors she was more challenging to photograph but as most of my sessions, it seems to look easy in the photos! :)

Since our bluebonnet season hasn’t begun yet in the DFW area, I photographed Paisley in some beautiful yellow wildflowers, which were a great compliment to her size, coat color, and mom’s choice of collar! :)

Happy Spring!

dachshund in yellow wildflowers- jenna regan photography north texas

dachshund in yellow wildflowers- jenna regan photography north texas

dachshund in yellow wildflowers- jenna regan photography north texas

dachshund in yellow wildflowers- jenna regan photography north texas

Interested in booking a Bluebonnet Photography Session? (Or any other session too!)

Contact us to get started. I definitely encourage you to reach out right away. We fill these sessions each year and once available sessions are booked, we’ll begin a waiting list. Looking forward to another amazing year of wildflower sessions!


We also share some of our tips for great wildflower photos. Check it below!