National Black Dog Day

At Jenna Regan Photography we believe all dogs (and pets!) should be celebrated and loved every day of the year.

We especially want to share National Black Dog Day to bring attention to all the black dogs out there looking for a forever home because statistically speaking black dogs have a harder time finding a forever family. Did you know that there’s such a need?!

This holiday was founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Author, Animal Behaviorist and Rescue Advocate, Colleen Paige, to bring attention to black dogs. Each year it is celebrated on October 1st.

Side note: this issue also affects cats too, and while we are focusing on dogs on this day, we also want to remind you black cats are awesome, deserving, and sadly overlooked too.

Black Dog Syndrome… did you know?

It may be an unintentional prejudice, but for whatever reason dogs with black fur are often passed over for dogs with lighter fur colors, simply because of their coat color.

As a matter of fact, statistics from Petfinder have shown that black dogs spend four times longer waiting to be adopted.


This is a complicated question. There are theories about the why behind the negativity toward the color black in general and even other positions that the reality is there are just more black dogs out there in shelters. Whatever the reason, black dogs are just as amazing and deserving.

Some reasons black dogs might be passed over, include:

  • Stereotypes throughout history of black being bad or back luck (ie. like a black cat crossing your path)
  • Black dogs are more generic looking with less distinguishing features
  • They appear scarier

NONE of which we agree with!

But in general, it is just harder to get a great image of a black dog. The photos may not give the viewer the best impression of the black dog’s features and personality.

I see this often when my clients tell me they have a challenge for me to get amazing images of their black dogs. They’ll show me dark photos where the dog seems to blend into the background.

Yes, they require a different approach, just the same as a puppy requires a different approach from an adult dog or an outgoing dog is different than a shy and skittish dog.

I want to capture the essence of that dog and would certainly play up the beautiful rich coat of a black dog, just as I did in the photo above of rescued Labrador Retriever, Max.

What Can We Do?

  • Recognize the stereotype exists
  • Spread the word and bring attention to black dog syndrome
  • Take the best photos possible of black dogs looking for homes
  • Share great photos of your own beloved black dog
  • Adopt a black dog (or cat!)

We love black dogs… and every color dog too…

Okay, everyone here at Jenna Regan Photography loves all dogs!! And are just as excited to photograph them as any other color of dog. (Seriously, if you have a black dog– we’d love to photograph him or her!!) shares a great list of all the reasons to love black dogs!! My personal favorites reasons are the endless “photo opps” with black dogs (of course!) and the “salt and pepper” faces they have as they age. I photograph many senior dogs with my Legacy Sessions and I really love capturing senior faces. That’s a must-have image each time!

Also personally, we have a black dog in the family, Ace, and he is a wonderful dog and we can’t imagine passing him over just because of the color of his coat!