Calling All Unique Pets in Dallas-Fort Worth | Pet Photography

We're always excited to meet more unique pets and their people throughout DFW! Each and every pet that we photograph is unique and special in their own way and it's always a pleasure to customize our photography sessions to capture their personalities. Our process is crafted to truly capture what you love most about your pet, learn more about your pet'[...]

Now Booking: Studio Pet Photography Sessions in DFW

At Jenna Regan Photography, we love being able to offer several options for DFW pet owners looking for pet photography sessions for their furry family members. We're in the process of updating our studio portfolio to showcase more of the fantastic pet portraits we've been creating in the studio over the years. In the meantime, take a sneak peek at a few o[...]

Now Booking: Spring Iconic Texas Bluebonnet Sessions | DFW

One of the most beloved photo opportunities for pet parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is approaching and we couldn't be more excited! We scout out the most perfect spots every year to get the best blooms and safest locations for pets and each and every year the photos are stunning! Since the bluebonnet blooms only here for a short time, there are a[...]

Cat Photography Sessions Spotlight | DFW Cat Photographer Jenna Regan

Spotlight On: Cat Photography Sessions Here at Jenna Regan Photography, I photograph a lot of dogs, but that doesn’t mean that my enthusiasm for cats isn’t equal. My team and I know that cats are different and often have more unique needs than the pups we work with. After all, as the saying goes, dogs have owners and cats have staff! (And we are happy to be[...]

11 Senior Dog Bucket List  | Ideas for Celebrating Senior Dogs, Terminally Ill Dogs, and ALL Dogs in Dallas-Fort Worth

For all of us on the team here at Jenna Regan Photography, our dogs are seriously part of the family and we just don’t want to talk about them getting older and not being by our side.  So we won’t! And also because we like to stay all about the positive and fun, we love to celebrate senior dogs in so many ways (our favorite being a legacy photography sess[...]