7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Puppy Photo Session

Well, it’s no surprise here… my assistants and I absolutely love puppies and can never get enough of them. So we are always super excited to work with our clients who have added new puppies to the family and decide to schedule a puppy photo session!

Over the years, I’ve helped my clients to have the best photo session we could dream up for their precious puppies of all sizes, breeds, colors, and ages. 

From in-home with younger puppies to on location for the puppies who’ve had all their shots and can venture out- every session has been memorable and unique- just like the puppies!

With past sessions in mind, I’ve put together 7 tips for planning the ultimate puppy photo session that will create lasting memories for you and your puppy (or puppies… if you were super brave!)

And of course, if you have added a new puppy to the family, we’d love to learn more and create a dream portrait session for you!

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maltipoo puppy photo session with pet photographer in dallas texas jenna regan


1. Plan Early…  if you can!

We’ve had clients reach out to us at the very beginning sometimes while still searching for their new puppy because they can’t wait to start a new chapter of their life with their newest family member!

In those instances, we may have scheduled sessions for puppies that are currently only weeks old and maybe haven’t even come home to their new family yet.

However, that’s not to say that you’ve missed the opportunity if your puppy is older. Keep in mind if you have a puppy of any age, we can photograph him or her too! 

(Even if your “puppy” isn’t a “puppy” anymore! My Leo is 3 and I still call him a puppy, so I get it!)

Of course, the puppies have to wait until they have had all of their puppy vaccines before they can be photographed at a public location for their safety, but during that time you can dream up what you and your puppy would want from your own customized photography session. 

And keeping in mind if you would like to have an in-home session, we don’t have to wait and can photograph puppies of any age. 


scruffy white puppy dog in bluebonnet photographed by dallas pet photographer jenna regan


2. Start Working on {a little bit of} Obedience Training 

It is always super fun to start teaching puppies their basic commands and see how they learn and grow, but that is definitely not a requirement to have your puppy photographed. I love photographing their little personalities and their interests as they navigate their new world. 

Part of the benefit of hiring someone who specializes in dog photography like me, is my team and I come to photo sessions fully prepared with a variety of different treats to reward pups for their good behavior and adorable head tilts….and just because we can’t resist spoiling these sweet furbabies any chance we can.  

Starting with treat reinforcement before a photo session gives you and us an idea of what treats a pup may or may not like, what words your puppy responds to, and also what may frighten him/her too. 

No matter how little or how much obedience and training you and your puppy have mastered we will always happily photograph your puppy. 

We don’t expect puppies (or ANY PET of ANY AGE for that matter) to know everything or be 100% perfect. It’s not realistic and it’s not something we want you to worry about. 

Plus with our signature master art retouching, puppies can be safely on a leash during their photo session and then the magic happens later in Photoshop. So rest assured, we have a plan and a way to create the images you’re dreaming of!

Here are a couple of items that past puppy parent clients have recommended to us: a treat pack and backpack. 

How awesome is that backpack?!!! It definitely is the dog mom equivalent of a diaper bag with everything ready for any adventure you and your puppy might have together! (Including a photography session!)


great dane playing during puppy photo shoot prosper texas with pet photographer jenna regan


3. Discover Your Puppy’s Favorite Toy… or Toys!

Every photo session has details we can incorporate to make it more unique. When it comes to puppies, I love adding in their favorite toys or even their first toy if it’s survived this long. 

During the time prior to the photo session, you can test out what toys or types of toys seem to interest your puppy the most. Maybe your pup loves a tennis ball and is starting to figure fetch out? Or perhaps he or she is most excited about squeaky toys? If your puppy loves to play tug-of-war with a rope to then that might be the go-to toy for your photo session! 

The possibilities (and fun) are truly endless. Whether it be a duck, rabbit, or just a stick from outside, we love capturing the excitement in a pup’s face when we bring out something they really love and they show off in front of the camera!

Worth mentioning- Scheduling a puppy session in advance allows time to bond with your fur baby and discover which toys, treats, and ideas are a hit or miss. 

Here are a couple of puppy toys (both made in the USA!) that we recommend especially for the chewers: a maple Benebone and an adorable Kong Binkie.


golden doodle puppy photo shoot with dallas pet photographer jenna regan photography


4. Include Dog Siblings and (Maybe) the Humans Too

Most of our clients choose to include their older dogs in their puppy session if they have additional pets. Since everything we do is customized, the sky’s the limit!!

We welcome pets of any species at our photo sessions. We have had adorable sessions that combine dogs and cats, dogs and horses, and more!

If there is a big age difference between pets they often have quite different interests so we love the combinations of individual and group photos. This way we can show off what makes each of your pets unique and give them their own spotlight moment in front of the camera.

Also this gives us an opportunity to diversify the types of images I capture. For example, we can take action shots first and then sleepy puppy shots next. (Makes perfect sense, right?!) And of course, puppies seem to bounce back to action after a little power nap!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have to say it… we’re a pet photography studio and we treat all our sweet furbabies as VIPS!  When you work with us, your puppy will never be a prop or an accessory! We cater to their needs, personalities, and breed tendencies so you never have to worry-  our photo sessions are ALL about the pets and making it truly the BEST DAY EVER for them. 

We gladly welcome people into the session too, of course. We love bringing families together for their sometimes first family photo with their dog! 

I’ll dream up ideas based on what your goals are to create artistic images! Some clients want me to focus more on their dog and the humans play a smaller role. And I’ll gladly accommodate! Sometimes humans want to participate and sometimes they don’t, but it is still an extraordinary experience for all either way!


golden retriever puppy with pit bull dog outdoor dog photo shoot with professional pet photographer


5. Make Fun Memories in Puppyhood 

At Jenna Regan Photography, we are all about creating puppyhood memories to remember for a lifetime. As we all know… they grow up on us!! Puppies are only little for a short time and there’s a limited window to capture the look you love the most. 

In addition to the unique personality traits of your puppy, each breed is going to have its own special characteristics you’ll love and want to play up. 

I always smile when I think of the time I photographed a 7 month-old miniature dachshund and a 7-month-old Great Dane in the same week (different families) and the size difference was hilarious. They were a close match for energy level though!! 

I love showcasing the many breeds and how they are similar and different. For example, I’ve found Basset Hound puppies have big droopy ears and small bursts of energy whereas Brittany Spaniel puppies are super curious and energetic! 

And of course, you may have a super unique mix that has his or her own one-of-a-kind features and personality too! All puppies of all ages, breeds, colors, and heritage are welcome. And whether you have a rescue pup or a pup from a breeder, we don’t discriminate. We want to meet and photograph them all!!



6. Showcase Your Puppy in Your Arms {as long as you can}

Speaking of puppies growing up quickly…  you can only hold breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes, Mastiffs, and other large breeds in your arms for a short period of time. 

Whether your puppy is most comfortable being held like a baby or snuggling in your lap, we can customize the entire experience to what you love most and what suits your puppy best. Our clients never have to stress about what to do. We will coach you as we know all the in and outs to capture what you love most whether it’s your pups size or irresistible wrinkles!  

7. Hire a Professional Pet Photographer

This is definitely a shameless plug for Jenna Regan Photography, but it’s the truth! When it comes to photographing puppies, we’re the go-to photography studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Over the years clients have told us that they hire us because there’s only one chance to get it right. Puppies grow up so fast and our clients are busy so there’s no time for mistakes. 

Our process is exclusive and our final product is timeless. Your puppy portrait will be a conversation piece to have and enjoy for a lifetime. 

And it just might be the start of a new tradition in your family! We love it when we get to photograph dogs in the puppy stage and then many years later when they are a senior. Wall art documenting the life of a dog from puppyhood to the golden years is a truly priceless way to capture their legacy. And I’m always so honored to be a part!

No matter how you choose to celebrate your puppy, our biggest advice is to soak it all in and enjoy it… oh, and take lots of photos! 


chihuahua puppy during photo shoot by dog photographer jenna regan in north texas park


Are you ready to let us spoil your puppy and capture unique images of these fleeting days?!

I can’t wait to learn more about your beloved pup, talk about your dream puppy shoot, and customize a photo session just for you during a complimentary discovery call.

If you are seeing this blog and wish you had seen it sooner, please feel free to reach out. We always try to accommodate special requests and needs whenever possible!

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