In this series on my blog, I’d like to share a little insight into the backstory behind the photograph.

During my pet photography sessions, I’ve noticed there are certain moments are extra special and therefore result in one-of-a-kind images.

When you know a little more about what was going on in front of the camera, I’ve found it can make the image even more special to my clients, me, and I think you as the viewer too.

I’d like to share the story behind this image of a beloved Shiba Inu named Koda.


Shiba Inu, 7 years old

Koda was seven when I met and photographed him for the first time in Jupiter Florida at the Jupiter Dog Beach.

Honestly when Koda’s parents told me about his personality it seemed to me that he sounded much more like a cat than a dog!

Not interested in toys or participating in much activity, Koda was most interested in being comfortable and relaxed. His parents told me he sometimes refuses to go outside and has to be carried. (Haha!)

They told me they loved the beach and went often. They took Koda every now and then but he didn’t really seem to like it much. During their consult, we laughed as they told me how Koda would often visibly display his disdain for the sand touching his feet and the act of walking across it. They knew we shouldn’t spend too much time at the beach but because the beach is a regular part of their life (and story) they wanted to take a few photos of Koda there to fit their style and décor of their home.

I understood completely and knew there were no guarantees about Koda’s participation in a photo-worthy beach adventure but that’s part of the fun of dog photography. You just never know what you’re going to get. And you know what? That’s exactly the stuff that amazing pet photos are made of!

The Moment

frozen in time by a photograph

The pinnacle moment for me occurred while Koda laid down in the sand. He stayed there for several moments curious as to what I was doing but truly not overly interested in modeling. He seemed to tolerate me though so I was patient and ready for a picture-worthy moment.

Part of pet photography is patience and reading the body language of the animals I am working with. Patience and timing paid off when Koda began to gently lower his head and rub his face on first his paws and then the sand. He then ever so gently placed his head on the sand like a pillow and closed his eyes. It was like he had instantly relaxed and became comfortable, content, and at peace.

The magic of this moment was that I also was filming our adventure with a video camera simultaneously to taking photos with my dslr camera. So that exact moment I composed and shot the image is preserved in a picture and video format. Koda’s parents told me the video actually makes them adore the photo even more because they can see exactly what I saw in that moment and are reminded that Koda was enjoying the beach and the moment.

As a matter of fact, though there were actually many frame-worthy images of Koda, the video and the memory of this moment this why Koda’s parents chose this image to display as a 24×36 canvas in their living room.

Thank you Koda for the memory of you enjoying the Florida sunshine. I know the beach isn’t always your favorite place but I also know how content you were at the Jupiter Dog Beach that day during your special photo shoot.

I’ll always remember the sound of the ocean, the blue sky, the sunshine, and your eyes closed with your cute face resting on the comfortable sand. I’m grateful to have experienced the contentment and tranquility of a happy dog, on a beautiful day in South Florida.

These moments are exactly why I am a pet photographer and why I keep striving to share the view through a dog’s perspective. These moments are why I don’t want to just sell you a cd to become lost in the shuffle of life and time. I want you to have what Koda’s parents have– a daily reminder of the dog they love so much hanging on their wall. A proud conversation piece that friends and family can’t help but admire.

Would you like me to capture your dog’s personality and love too?

Contact me today. I would love to work with you and your dog and give you a priceless memory and beautiful artwork for your home too.

If you’re in the South Florida area, I make regular trips there for client sessions, so please reach out to me to learn of the next photography opportunity.