Why Now

It's the perfect time to reach out to me

I want you to stop and think about something.

How long has it been since you had professional photos taken? During your childhood? When you graduated high school? On your wedding day?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while.

Perhaps you’re past, or not yet to, all the traditional photo shoot milestones. I get it.

Life is rolling by at breathtaking speed and with everything you have going on who has time for a photo shoot?!

I understand. And you’re right. It does take some time and some planning. (And that’s what I’m here for.)

But you’re forgetting that there will likely never be a perfect time.

The could’ve, should’ve, would’ve

Many of my clients share that they wish they scheduled with me sooner.

Before they lost their heart dog.

Before the puppy grew up because now those puppy days and moments are long forgotten.

Before they moved from the house with the backyard they adored.

Before they lost a loved one.

What’s holding you back?

Yes, there may be things that aren’t quite ideal that hold you back.

You’d like to lose a few pounds.

You want a better trained dog.

It’s too hot. It’s too cold.

The landscaping isn’t done.

Your significant other hates being in front of a camera.

You don’t know what to wear, where to take the photos, if your dog is well-behaved enough, how to chose a photographer or where to even start.

I get it. There are so many factors. It’s easier to wait.

The thing is, now is the only time we have. And it just might be the best time.

If you have questions and doubts, need help along the way, or just want to talk it out. You’re in the right spot.

Nothing has to be perfect to get fun, treasured images you’ll be excited to show off.

You’re not alone

I promise you the most beautiful people I’ve ever photographed have had doubts and insecurities and shared these with me.

The cutest dogs doing the most adorable things in front of the camera weren’t always “trained.” Countless dogs stressed someone out as to whether they would behave or not prior to their photo session.

A few have nearly escaped. One bit me the moment I walked through the door. Oh the stories I could tell!

The smiling husband in the family photo may have been completely against a photo shoot originally. (He may have even told me so!)

The idyllic sunset shot with more dogs than people may have occurred on the hottest day of the year. Yet with water, breaks, helpers, and makeup blotting sheets it looks like the perfect day and an effortless feat.

The beautiful background you see in the photo may be the only pretty spot there was to use. I maximized it to show the best, hide the worst.

It’s not what others see and it’s not what you’ll remember

And you know what, no one knows. (And I won’t tell!)

You don’t see all of those worries when you look at the captivating images I’ve taken for past clients.

You see genuine emotion, love, and happiness. Because that’s my job.

It’s my job to capture the best in everyone from two legged to four legged family members.

It’s my job to use the available light and background in the most flattering way.

It’s my job to help you plan, feel at ease, and enjoy your photo session.

I’d love the opportunity to be your photographer

I always offer a free no-obligation consultation to help you find what’s truly best for you. Contact me to chat and learn more.