My Dogs

Though I have always had a dog or two, none of my current dogs were a purposeful additions to my life.

Being a professional dog photographer, people ask me often about what kinds of dogs I have. I always tell them I have the kind of dogs that needed me.

Currently three dogs have stolen my heart and taken over my life, a rat terrier named Jack, a catahoula named Ace, and a one-of-a-kind mutt named Leo.

Many people are surprised I don’t have a dog from one of the many dog breed rescues I work with.

And believe me I would, but that’s just not how it has been meant to be.

They found me

Jack and Leo were both strays. Jack strolled in like he owned the place at a couple years old and is without a doubt the least amount of trouble of the bunch. I’m fairly certain he has no idea he’s a dog. No matter where he is or what he is doing, he is happy.

Leo arrived in emaciated shape as a puppy with all sorts of problems and was absolutely terrified of people. It took him months to get used to my husband and let him get close. Most of those problems are distant memories for Leo and he is a happy, growing puppy.

Ace was given to my husband and I by a friend of his. Well I should say add really wasn’t an optional thing. He showed up at our house, walked in and put a puppy on the couch with me and the rest is history. Ace lucked out and instead of having the fate of a hunting dog, has become a very spoiled boy who spends his days on squirrel patrol.

No such thing as “Just a dog”

These dogs are a huge part of my heart. We structure our days around them and our lives to include them. There’s no such thing as “just a dog” in my world.

Their quirks are imprinted in my mind and are a part of my favorite photos and memories of them. Their candid, joyful personalities frozen in time and each image seemingly with a story, or two, to tell.


When Jack gets really excited he runs, jumps, and as we call it, bucks (like a horse). It’s so funny to watch and the simple joy he shows leaves me with no choice but to smile and laugh.

His reasons for a happy dance might include, “it’s morning and I’m so excited,” “you might be getting something out of the refrigerator for me,” or “I’m so glad you’re home already.”


Ever since Ace was a puppy his thing has been sitting on our feet. I don’t know why he does it but I’ve always narrated it as Ace believes the closer he is to you the better he is being.

So if he is sitting on your feet he’s clearly on his very best behavior. As a puppy it was cute, and he is a bit heavier now at 65lbs, but it still makes my smile.


Leo has a love of “treasuring hunting” and he gets very happy and proud of himself whenever he does. He’ll collect things he finds randomly and bring them to me with pure excitement & pride.

I call whatever he finds treasure. Because that is how he treats it, like he has just found the best thing ever whether it’s a stick, a water bottle (he has likely stolen), or piece of a toy he once destroyed.

These are favorite memories of mine

I love the quirky things they do. I love the little details that not everyone would understand or notice.

And I love that I have these things and more documented in photos to bring a smile to my face and keep the memory alive in my heart for years to come.

It matters

It really matters, I promise. In the past year, two of our senior dogs have passed away. I miss them every day. It still brings tears to my eyes.

But every time I look at the photos I took of them, I’m thankful I have these photos. I’m thankful I made time and have something more than a cell phone shot. The photos are priceless to me.


Let’s capture your dog’s personality too

I hope to offer the same to you; time to stop and enjoy the moment and a freeze-frame of life as it is right now so you’ll always be able to look back and remember. 
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