Why wall art?

One of the wonderful and exciting things about being a full service photographer is that I get to be a part of the photo session from initial conversations when I am just getting to know my clients through the end result when we gosh over the final products. (One of my favorite moments in the process!)

If you have ever worked with me in the past or have seen my work on display, then you know my affinity for quality products. (Ok, maybe obsession… but hey it’s my job, your memories, and I take it seriously!) I use only professional labs for photographers where the focus is on high quality, archival product beyond what is available to consumers directly. I am very picky about my products and only offer clients options I personally believe in. In most cases, I have a different lab for different products. I’ve spent a lot of time purchasing samples and finding what I believe is the “best of the best.”

Though I offer a wide range of products from prints to canvases to framed fine art, my favorites (and specialties) are wall art (what I’m going to talk about on this post) and albums.  I feel that helping you navigate the process and select the best option(s) for you is an essential part of hiring a professional. Because of this, I have constantly continued my education, researched, tested products, and come up with a system and the knowledge to guide you when the time comes to select your art, regardless of the medium you chose.

How it works

One of the perks and added benefits of hiring me, is that I have software to show you YOUR IMAGES, on YOUR WALLS, in the size and layout you are considering. This is all done in real time during your viewing and ordering session. The benefit to this feature is huge! My clients don’t have to guess about size, layout, or what the wall art they are investing in might look like. Instead, you see exactly what the end result will look like. It’s awesome!

Benefits for my clients

We can begin the process during the consultation if you have a wall or area you think you would like to display an image on. I can take photos of your space before your session and can have some design ideas and options ready for you to view when we meet to order (aka the viewing and ordering session). This will save you time during the viewing and ordering session which usually takes around 2 hours. Plus if you have a direction you’d like to head in, that’s one less thing to decide. (Helpful for those who are like me and have a hard time making a decision!)

If we plan ahead on potential display locations and sizes, I can take that into consideration when shooting your session as well. For example, if you want a close up of you with your dog and your space is ideal for an image with portrait orientation over landscape orientation– that’s an important factor. Each session usually results in images of both orientation, but inevitably there are usually more horizontal than vertical image options.

Knowing where you may want to display your images can help with outfit and location planning as well. Together we can create images that fit your home décor style and showcase those you love most in a way that makes you smile, every single day.

The more prepared we are– the better success your session will be. And all of this is part of my job and I’m happy and excited to do it.

Looking for more inspiration?

I’m going to share some of these options throughout my blog, to give you ideas and inspiration on what to do with your memories. For more examples, check out the wall art blog category. I’m always happy to talk to past, present, or future clients about ideas and plans for your images too, so feel free to reach out and we can chat over the phone and/or schedule a free consult where I can show you options and mock-ups in person.

Ready to book?

I’d absolutely love to have you as a client and guide you through the process. Reach out to me today and we’ll get started!