In this new series on my blog, I’d like to share a little insight into the backstory behind the photograph.

During my pet photography sessions, I’ve noticed there are certain moments are extra special and therefore result in one-of-a-kind images.

When you know a little more about what was going on in front of the camera, I’ve found it can make the image even more special to my clients, me, and I think you as the viewer too.

I’d like to share the story behind this image of a beloved English Lab named Sterling.


English Labrador, 8 years old

Sterling was eight when I met and photographed him for the first time in Bonham, Texas a small north Texas town about an hour north of Dallas.

He lived with his mom, Jenn, who owns and runs a bed and breakfast and that’s where I photographed this special dog.

A mature, old soul he was happy go lucky and didn’t seem fazed by anything. I could tell without a doubt that he had the most wonderful life, full of home-cooked meals, naps in the sunshine, and (well-deserved) spoiling.

Throughout their session I could see the love between Jenn and Sterling. He followed her around, tail wagging, with a sparkle in his eyes I was lucky enough to capture in images.

The Moment

frozen in time by a photograph

The pinnacle moment for me (and I believe Jenn too) occurred in a series of images, the first of which is featured above.

It was the end of the photography session, Sterling seemed to be tired and through with modeling. He had done a wonderful job showing off his happy personality and partaking in a picture-perfect photo shoot at the historic bed and breakfast.

He plopped down to soak up the sunshine at the end of the brick pathway while Jenn and her friend Anne were walking out across the yard. As they turned back toward the house, Sterling awoke.

He was suddenly filled with a burst of energy as he took off at a run to meet Jenn in the middle of the yard. As he raced across the yard to her arms, I was ready to document each unexpected millisecond in images that showcased this treasured moment.

Jenn was shocked! Later she told me she couldn’t recall the last time Sterling had run like that. The look of pure joy on Jenn’s face was priceless. It was almost as if Sterling was giving us all a rare gift. The series of images I captured truly told the story of the love between Jenn and Sterling and a precious moment in time.

As fate would have it, Sterling sadly passed away just months after his photo session. (I was lucky enough to photograph him again at his charity birthday party before he passed.)

It’s always heartbreaking for me to hear about the passing of a dog I’ve photographed. Regardless of how short the time is I spend with each dog, each leaves a memory in my heart.

Thank you Sterling for the memory, ever so vivid to this day, of you running to Jenn. It was a youthful moment of pure happiness and peace I’m grateful to have experienced. Those moments are exactly why I am a pet photographer.

Would you like to capture your dog’s personality and love too?

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