Though I’m a pet photographer, my specialty is pets AND their people! Often my clients know their dog, cat, horse, pet, etc. is cute and photogenic no matter what they’re doing but they aren’t as sure about being in front of the camera themselves. I totally get it!

One of the perks of working with us is that we have so many tips, tricks, and strategies to make pets and people look and feel fabulous in front of the camera.

Everything depends on your own personal style but below are my favorite tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years!

Makeup Tips

Do you know the differences in camera-ready makeup? Maybe not, and that’s okay. We’ll share some great tips if you plan on doing your own makeup for your photo session.

Light bouncing off of makeup changes the way it looks in photos and in general and makes it look less dramatic than it really is. So when you’re doing your makeup for a photo session you’ll want to put it on a bit heavier than you normally would.

Trying something new? Test it first!

If you are anything like most of my clients, the big day of your photo session will be a new experience and have many things to remember to do. You won’t want to add in a whole new makeup routine you aren’t comfortable with. The best bet is to test your makeup application in advance.

Bonus Tip: Try your makeup application out and then test it out with an outdoor selfie!

Put your makeup on in an area with good natural light. 

This will help you see what your makeup will look like outdoors, which is the setting most of our clients will be in for their photo session. Though if it looks good outdoors, it will look good indoors too.


Prepping your skin with primer to minimize pores and provide a base for your makeup will help enhance your skin’s appearance and keep your makeup on.


Your eyes are definitely an area to play up. If you know how to do it adding fake lashes (or having your makeup artist do it) is highly recommended. If you don’t want false lashes, no worries- just remember to put on primer and several coats of your favorite mascara.

Highlight/contour/blush to add dimension 

Those makeup strategies are popular for a good reason. It adds dimension to your face and flatters your best features. If you aren’t familiar there are tons of great contouring resources on YouTube to check out.

Stay away from mineral makeup and SPF makeup and on the flip side illuminating CC Creams

Mineral makeup and foundation with SPF can reflect off your skin in an odd way leaving you looking washed out in certain lighting. However, it’s just as unwanted to have an illuminating foundation such as CC Creams, that leave your skin looking greasy on camera. At both ends of the spectrum that’s a problem.

Skip the Pastel Eyeshadow colors 

Pastels tend to look washed out and naturally, no one wants that! It can also look dated. Remember the pastel blue eye shadow trend… yeah we’d rather forget!

Stick with Mattes, Avoid Glitters

Matte eye shadows are always the best choice. Glitter eye shadows tend to flake and result in little specks of scattered out-of-place glitter.

Setting Spray 

After everything is done, don’t forget to set your makeup. This will help keep everything right where you want it. This one is my personal favorite. I keep the travel size in my purse too. 

Plan for Touchups

Regardless of who does your makeup, be sure to pack a small kit for the day of your photo session with the necessities so you can do touchups in between shots or when changing outfits.

Consider treating yourself by hiring a professional

This is not a necessity of course but a fun bonus treat for you to add to your photo session experience. Makeup artists who are trained for camera-ready makeup know the best ways to prepare you for your photo session and also how best to flatter your features. Win, win!

That being said you don’t have to schedule a makeup artist, can totally use these tips and other great resources on the internet to do your own makeup.

Hair Tips

Have you ever seen a photo you loved everything about except the way your hair looked?  Yeah… what a bummer! So I’ve put together some tips to avoid the dreaded hair problems.

Plan ahead- avoid last-minute hair cuts, colors, and major hairstyle changes

This applies to both the ladies and the men!

Ladies- we understand you’ll want a trim and possibly to dye your roots before the photo session, just give yourself enough time (at least 2 weeks is suggested) before the photo session.

While guys can do things a little closer to the photo session time, you want to have at least a week in between hair cut and photo session.

Use hairspray 

It may not be your usual routine, but you’ll benefit by spritzing some hairspray on those pesky flyaways.

Choose a style that works well outdoors

Keep in mind we’re in Texas and it’s the great outdoors!

Be true to who you are 

You want to look at these photos and see yourself so no matter what be true to yourself in the way you wear your hair.

Consider treating yourself by hiring a professional

If it helps you feel and look your best, I’m all for it! My thought is that this is a special moment in time, so why not! But please don’t feel like you have to, it’s all up to you and there’s no right or wrong decision.

Bonus Tips


Keep in mind the type of fabric you’re wearing. Most fabrics that wrinkle easily are problematic for pet photography sessions.

On that note, you may want to arrive at the photo session in a different outfit than what you’ll wear in front of the camera. That way your clothes will stay photo-ready.


Don’t forget your nails- both fingernails and toenails if you’re going barefoot for a short time or wearing sandals. 

And Finally… The Most Important Tip of All

Most of all, remember to hydrate and get plenty of rest the week plus before your photo session!

Preparing Your Pets

We have tips for getting your pet’s photo-ready too. Check out tips for your dog, your horse, and coming soon… your cat!

Reach Out

If you need help, have questions, or need more recommendations, as your photographer I’m always here and ready to help! Contact me!