Over the last few months, the world we knew has changed significantly. Our hearts truly go out to all of those who have suffered in any way due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Of course, we’ve been following national, state, and local mandates so Jenna Regan Photography was closed temporarily throughout April and early May as a nonessential business. And boy have we missed our beloved clients and their pets! Now as we begin to reopen, we want our clients to know our protocols and enhanced safety measures moving forward. 

In addition, we are taking new clients for summer and beyond in 2020. We already have fall sessions on the calendar and will continue to book the remainder of the year while taking every precaution. 

These are unprecedented times and as the situation changes we will continue to follow guidelines, adapt, and make changes to best serve our clients and keep everyone involved safe.

What We’re Doing at Photo Sessions

We are always hyper-aware of details, our actions, and our surroundings and naturally, these habits will continue during photo sessions. 

We always trade out your collars and leashes with ours, so you’ll continue to handle your pet’s belongings as well as carrying your own personal belongings. We highly recommend only bringing essential items along.

We plan to wear face masks during the session and will also ask clients not in front of the camera to do the same. 

In addition to good hand washing techniques, before each session, we’ll ask everyone to use hand sanitizer.  That way if we are petting or handling your pet, our hands are clean.

As an extra precaution, we’ve invested in state of the art UV-C lighting wands and a sanitation box to sanitize and disinfect items such as leashes, toys, noisemakers, treat pouches, etc. 

Camera gear, equipment, and our pet kits will be cleaned before and after each photo session. Basically we’re cleaning anything and everything that we bring with us with the appropriate cleaner as well as with the UV wands and UV sanitation box. 

What We’re Doing at the Office

We want you to be as safe as possible when coming into our office for appointments. As of June 22, 2020, our building has implemented a mandated mask policy which we are following. Anyone without a mask on will be asked to put it on by the building staff. We are keeping extra disposable masks in the office in case any of our clients need them. We’ll gladly meet you outside with a mask if you should forget yours. 

In addition to the professional cleaning service that cleans the building daily, we will personally clean and disinfect all surfaces before and after each appointment.

To ensure clients don’t overlap and also that we have enough time for a thorough cleaning, we’re going to leave extra time in between appointments and limit the number of appointments per day. As a boutique business, we work with a small clientele so the number of clients and people we’re interacting with is limited. 

Also, we’ll use the state of the art UV-C lighting wands mentioned above at the office as well to sanitize and disinfect the office space as an extra precaution. 

What We Ask You to Do

When possible, please wear a mask or face covering to your photo session and keep it on unless you’re being photographed.

Since we’ll be outdoors, at the start of your photo session, we’ll all use hand sanitizer as an extra precaution. We’ll be washing our hands before and after each office appointment and clients are welcome to do the same. Hand sanitizer will be available around the office for everyone to use as they wish. 

We ask clients to practice self-screening and stay alert to any health changes before and after your appointments with us. If you should become sick after we’ve spent time together at any point of the photography process, please let us know. 

Our Policies

We’ll continue to follow federal, state, and county directives. We know this may mean changes along the way. Our professional organization, Professional Photographers of America (PPA), has offered guidelines for photography services and we are adhering to these in addition to adding our own enhanced protocols. 

We’re going to keep our photo sessions to a small number of people, outdoors only, and maintain social distancing, especially from other people that may be at the photo session location. When possible, a longer lens will be used to allow even more space.

We will gladly reschedule any sessions for clients as needed. If you don’t currently feel comfortable enough or healthy enough to go on with your session or appointment, we fully understand and will work with you!

At the same time, we know many of you want to complete your appointments right away. We are working to put all clients back on the calendar quickly and safely and book new clients who are eager to have their pets photographed.

Most importantly, we want to thank you all for your support, your patience, and your business. We love our clients and are fully committed to taking the utmost care to keep all people and pets safe and happy!

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