Last spring I began a seven month project with one of my favorite local animal rescues, North Texas Basset Hound Rescue. As a pet photographer, one of my favorite parts of my job is finding ways to make a difference and be inspired as a photographer and artist.

I’m blessed with a schedule that keeps me busy all year as a full time pet photographer in Dallas and surrounding areas in the metroplex, so I knew I’d be taking on a pretty big project adding the NTBHR into my schedule but oh my goodness, it was so worth it!

I met the sweetest Bassets with the best stories about what happily ever after is like for rescue dogs. And of course all the people were genuine, kindhearted and so fun to work with!

I photographed 13 amazing and adorable rescued Basset Hounds all over Dallas. Each of the months were purchased by donors last April during the Bone Soiree, one of NTBHR’s biggest charity events of the year. The cover was purchased during the live auction. My husband Jake and I were guests at the event and had a great time.

Fast forward seven months– I received my calendar at the NTHBR’s Shuffle event, where I was set up with a display. It’s held at the end of October each year in Lewisville. (Side note: it’s super adorable and highly recommend attending!)

I’ll never forget how fun it was to flip through and admire each page of the fabulously designed calendar. Major props to Minute Man Press in Irving for such a great quality calendar and layout!

There were so many fun photos that I thought I would take time each month to share each Basset gracing the month with their presence and tell a little bit about them and my experience photographing them floppy ears, drool, and all!

The theme for the 2018 calendar is “Life is better with Bassets” and I couldn’t love it more. I know my life was definitely made better by photographing these special dogs.

Oh and I can excitedly say the calendar sold out before 2018 even arrived. I know the funds are going to great use to help more Bassets in DFW.

Belle, Basset Hound from Coppell

Belle was found as a stray and fortunately made her way to NTHBR in 2010. She is now around 11 years old and living the life of dog leisure with her mom and Basset brother. She’s such a special girl that her mom’s love for her led her to volunteering with North Texas Basset Hound Rescue.

I photographed Belle on what was likely one of the hottest days of the summer. Poor Belle! But as the cover girl she took it in stride and really stepped up her doggy modeling.

Being a senior dog, she wasn’t impressed by any toys or silly puppy fun I could come up with. Tennis balls, squeaky toys, and fetch were not appealing. She was very stoic in her modeling and needed extra motivation to get her signature Basset ears on! Good thing for that nose because she knew when the treats were out! In typical Basset fashion she was a fan of the treats and modeling rewards.

During our pre-session consult, Belle’s mom told me she was a little old lady. That adorable and endearing personality was one of my favorite memories of taking photos and spending time with Belle.

She was hard of hearing which was also a factor in getting her attention and participation but with some tricks up my sleeve and Belle’s mom’s help, we ended up with so many photos that it was ultimately hard to choose! I’m so excited about her cover photo and how it turned out.

See prior posts in the series. You can also follow along for the next Basset in the Calendar series, Daisy, Miss January. 

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Interested in adopting or fostering a Basset?

I would definitely encourage you to check out North Texas Basset Hound Rescue! There are so many fabulous ways you can be involved, even if you’re like me and don’t have your own Basset hound. They have fundraising events, adoption meet ups, and so much more. Oh and an adorable Facebook and Instagram you can follow!