This morning at church I was reminded that November is a month to give thanks and to be careful not to forget about the holiday between Halloween and Christmas. It’s easy to do with all the craziness this time of year. Not to mention that I have been talking about Christmas since September with my clients! But in thinking about Thanksgiving, I realize there’s so much for me to be grateful for and I want to give back

So because I love animals, I am partnering with a rescue and a sanctuary to donate part of my session fee to them. First let me share I little about why I am so passionate about helping animals and then I will give you the mini session details! Or scroll ahead if you’re in a hurry! :)

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Why I Really Want to Raise A Lot of Money!

I love animals and will do anything I can to help with animals in need. I have a huge soft spot for all animals and have always been drawn to help. I do not have the greatest memory, but I can always remember loving animals. I grew up on a small farm with lots of pets.

And when I couldn’t have any more at home (because apparently there was such a thing as too many…), I found other ways to be around and help animals. I remember being 9 years old and volunteering at an animal shelter and organizing a campaign that raised over $100 along with supplies, from my small class of 40 students, to donate to the shelter.

When there were stray animals found or someone’s cat had kittens, I somehow was campaigning to find them homes. (Thank you family and friends for taking in so many animals that went on to live great lives.) This has been a pattern that has continued throughout my life. I have even picked up puppies off the side of the road, because knowing they were there I just could not keep driving.

I just can’t help it. I want to help them and would keep them all if I could! Unfortunately, this is something my fiance does not condone. He may think I am a little nuts :)

Giving Back

But the moral of this is, that I always want to help. So, I did a little researching on local animal rescues and knew that the holidays would be a great time to give back.

In my research I found two great organizations who do very important, but very different work. (Read more about the second one here!) And of course, after reading about each one, I couldn’t choose so I decided to help them both!

I first met Jim, the founder of Moka’s Dog and Cat Rescue while visiting ARFhouse (the other group I am working with). I had only emailed those two organizations and as it turns out they work closely together. Small world!

When I met with Jim, we were both excited about raising money and bringing more attention to Moka’s. He asked me if I would come out to an adoption event and photograph it. I said of course! I knew it would be a great way to see firsthand what they do at Moka’s and practice my self-restraint when it comes to dogs!

You can see the photos I took spread throughout the post.


The adoption event was very busy! There were several litters of colorful puppies (border collies mixes, catahoula mixes) and people were lining up to adopt them. (Which says a lot about Moka’s!!) I wasn’t even able to photograph all of them as they weren’t even put down much!

So what is Moka’s Dogs & Cat Rescue? According to their website, it “is a small dedicated group of folks who foster both dogs and cats, all rescued from grim fates.”

Moka’s Dog Rescue’s website states their mission. “Our mission is simple, work with a very select few shelters to curb their euthanization rates by rescuing directly and frequently as possible, based on our available space.”

In talking with Jim, he told me that Moka’s places about 500 dogs a year in permanent homes. How amazing is that!? That’s more than a dog a day!

So, what’s the plan to help?

For each session, a set amount will be donated to Moka’s. $25 or $50 depending on the session type you choose.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, there are two options for those who want to get photos taken by me and help a good cause at the same time. Oh yes, and to add to it– there is a holiday discount on my session fee as well as on holiday cards.

Mini Session

Sunday Dec. 8 at Erwin Park in McKinney, Texas

A 30 minute session with an online gallery to view the proofs

A complimentary 8×10 print of your choice

Check out Erwin Park.

15% discount on holiday card orders

$25 goes to Moka’s.

Full Session

Scheduled in November or December at the location of your choice

Up to a 2 hour session with an online gallery to view the proofs

A complimentary 11×14 print of your choice

25% discount on holiday card orders

$50 goes to Moka’s

north texas pet photographer

Which option is best for you?

Mini sessions are great for those who are looking for a shorter session with all the big details planned for them. Naturally, with less time there will be fewer proofs to choose from. Mini sessions are basically an abbreviation of my regular sessions. This is a great option if you don’t know where to take your photos and have a limited amount of time.

Full sessions are for those who want more! More choices, more freedom to make the photo session fit you, and more proofs to choose from. Full sessions give us the ability to collaborate to create whatever images you desire! This is a great option if you want to incorporate your pets and prefer a particular location that your pets are accustomed to.

Either option you choose, I will do whatever in that particular situation to get awesome images you’ll cherish!

Everyone can take advantage of the discount and make those images into holiday cards. (I can even have your return address printed on the cards to save you time when addressing!) And photo prints and photo products (such as calendars and travel mugs) make great Christmas gifts. Whatever options and products interest you, a photo session with me is a one-stop shop. And who doesn’t love that around the holidays! Not to mention, every single session will benefit a great organization that does so much good for dogs in need!

What type of sessions are these?

These sessions are tailored for pet and family photography. Every custom photography session can be designed around what you want. Do you have special requests? No problem! Contact me and we will get to planning!

I am happy to photograph the family and the dogs, the family without any pets, or simply the dogs. It is totally up to you! If you don’t have any pets and just want some family photos that help a good cause– that works too! Do you have horses you want in your photos too? No problem, we can do that!

Check out my Facebook page to see some examples of my pet photography.

How do I get an appointment?

Simple, contact me by phone 570-510-9081 or email and we will start the process of creating the session that fits you! I want to learn as much as I can about my clients so we’ll talk and plan a session just for you!