The M Family | Family Photos with Dogs

It wouldn’t be a family photo without your dog, right? I get it!

I couldn’t wait to share one of my recent pet photography sessions of a family that — of course– included their dogs in their photo session.

Meet the Brittany Rescue in Texas alumni, Trapper, Gunner, and Chloe. They are beloved family members and aren’t at all shy about posing for the camera!

As you might guess, there is definitely “a method to the madness” when it comes to photographing three active, large breed dogs.

Here are some of the “secrets” I used to get their awesome photos.

The Secrets to Awesome Family Photos with your Dogs


Ahh, the key to getting great shots of your probably involves a little bribery. What’s wrong with positive encouragement for a good model, right?! I encourage my clients to bring special treats they know their dogs love and also some treats that are not given often, something that is a big reward for their dog.


As you can guess, the perfect moments might not always come easy and that’s okay! I make it a priority to keep my sessions as stress-free and low-key as possible. By reading the dog’s body language, I know when thing are working, when they aren’t and when to take a break.


My clients tell me how much they appreciate the time we spend prior to the session coming up with a plan. It’s crucial to plan based on their needs and their dogs personalities. Whether I meet with clients over the phone or in person, I take notes and ask questions that help us pull out relevant details that may seem insignificant but do actually matter.


What dog will be photographed first? Which dog prefers toys? Which dog will be the most active? Are there behavioral or personality limitations? Knowing what we’re working with and what to consider all comes together for awesome images.

Hiring a professional PET photographer

There are plenty of photographers out there. But there is a definite advantage hiring someone who knows dogs and photographs both dogs and people regularly. It’s simply posing a person who can follow directions and understand. With a dog in the photo your best advantage comes from working with a professional pet photographer, like me!

Let’s get started with your family photos

If you are considering family photos with your dog, I’d love to talk with you! I have locations, ideas, and strategies for all sorts of pet photography sessions. Contact me today to get started.