I love photographing dogs, especially when they have wonderful “parents” who make it even more fun!

Harper and Gabe’s mom, Lynda, brought a dog cake and we celebrated Harper’s 1st birthday and took some sibling photos at North Bark Dog Park in Dallas, Texas.

It was a blast. I felt like I was their paparazzi! They explored all over the dog park and I followed them constantly from one adventure to another.

During the consultation, their mom told me she wanted a natural style photo shoot with images that showcased their distinct personalities. Being Brittanys, both dogs are very active and enjoy exploring and investigating.

Gabe’s personality is very determined and focused. He was a Brittany on a mission throughout his photo session whether he was racing across the dog park or staring a critter down across the fence.

Harper is the typical little sister and ultimate side-kick for Gabe. She followed her big brother around constantly and was never going to miss a moment of excitement. It was adorable to see them interact, play, and just enjoy the life of a beloved dog. Both these Brittanys hit the rescue lotto when they were adopted through Brittany Rescue in Texas. Now they are living the good life and are stars in their very own photo shoot!

Gabe needed a location with a fence because he knows how to escape, if he really wants something on the other side of the fence (like a squirrel!) so North Bark Dog Park was the picture perfect location.

There are so many cute photos from their session that I decided to put it together in an adorable video!

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