DFW Brittany Spaniel Event Pet Photography

I am involved with many different rescue groups and they all are great people. I am continuously amazed by the wonderful people who work in rescue. To see and hear so many happy endings regularly, brings me a lot of joy and also has given me a lot of photography inspiration! I wanted to blog a little about the Brittany Rescue in Texas (BRIT) and share some photos.

I have to say, I just love the people involved with BRIT! They are amazing people who love the breed and their dogs. I have been working with them since March of this year, and I am honored that they have chosen me as their “official photographer!”

I try to attend all of their events, which so far has been about once a month. I really enjoy photographing the event and meeting all the people and the rescued dogs now in their forever homes. Also, there are usually a few dogs their who are available for adoption and are currently in foster families. I’m always trying to get some good photos of those dogs too while I am there.

This past weekend I went to the BRIT Garden Party in the Dallas area. It was at one of the great member’s of BRIT’s home. He has a gorgeous and giant backyard… which was perfect! I was also very excited because the dogs were off leash and could run and play!

I’m still editing and going through the photos, but I thought I would share a few of my favorites so far.

Thanks BRIT for letting me be apart of your events! I am throughly convinced that I will someday end up with a Brittany if I keep hanging around! Of course, I know exactly who to call when I am ready ;)


capturing dogs personality through photo shoot

capturing dogs personality through photo shoot

dogs playing photo shoot

pet and people photo shoot dfw

dfw pet photography

brittany spaniel action photography

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