Daisy, Basset Hound from Lewisville

As a dog photographer, I often photograph all ages, breeds, and sizes, but I have to admit I have a soft spot for senior dogs. There’s just something I can’t put my finger on that those lovable old souls have. And Daisy, aka Miss January, definitely has it!

Thank you to her moms for purchasing Daisy’s calendar spot during the NTBHR annual Bone Soiree. All the proceeds from the calendar photo session and calendar sales went directly to NTBHR to help more amazing Basset Hounds like Daisy find their forever families.

Let me tell you a little more about Miss January. Daisy, a senior at 13 years young rescued by North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, shines in her photo for the month of January. It was a complete joy to photograph her and work with her family. She is very much loved and adored by her moms and lives a life of leisure and pampering. She’s a very sweet girl and full of personality! I laughed when I learned one of Daisy’s quirky habits is burying her food in the backyard.

Her session took place outdoors on another one of those hot summer days that would test the patience of the best dog models, but effortlessly Daisy gave us some great posing and modeling. Of course, it helped that we utilized some bribery in the form of popcorn. I’m pretty sure she didn’t even need dinner that night, judging by how much popcorn she convinced us all she deserved. (Haha!)

Daisy came out dressed in the perfect collar for a Texas dog. I see many collars with all the dogs I photograph but Daisy’s was one of my favorites with the Texas flag on it and we made sure to take several portraits and poses to show it off. Her profile portraits came out especially cool and several of those made the album and her moms’ favorites!

One of my favorite photo session moments was when Daisy seemed to have figured out the system and I started to wonder who was “training” who.  We were talking some off leash “action shots,” which was, for Daisy, a stroll with a few peppy steps mixed in. (And it was completely adorable!) She would trot over to me, stop, look up and seemingly pose, and nearly immediately look at me as if to say “Hey lady, where’s my treat?” It was so cute that I had to take several different images of her like this. Oh, and did I mention the moment was made even cuter by Daisy’s smile which is missing a tooth!!

Daisy was such a fantastic dog to work with and it was such a hot day, that we actually ended up only spending about 45 minutes at her photo session and still had a huge variety of images with various backgrounds.

It was a fun portrait session and we ended up with many great images including the above image that shows off January in the 2018 calendar! We had all sorts of fun images capturing Daisy’s personality so Daisy’s moms ordered Daisy her very own album.

Daisy holds the place in my heart for my all-time favorite Basset Hound moment of 2017. When I was leaving her home after I delivered her gorgeous album to her family,  she gave me a high five as I said goodbye to her. It was the cutest moment I’ll always treasure. I felt like I had Daisy’s approval for a pet photography session well done!

Follow Daisy and her adventures on Instagram and Facebook, she’s the known as the “Amazing Senior Basset Hound.”

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Interested in adopting or fostering a Basset?

I would definitely encourage you to check out North Texas Basset Hound Rescue! There are so many fabulous ways you can be involved, even if you’re like me and don’t have your own Basset hound. They have fundraising events, adoption meetups, and so much more. Oh and an adorable Facebook and Instagram you can follow!