Spotlight On: Cat Photography Sessions

Here at Jenna Regan Photography, I photograph a lot of dogs, but that doesn’t mean that my enthusiasm for cats isn’t equal. My team and I know that cats are different and often have more unique needs than the pups we work with. After all, as the saying goes, dogs have owners and cats have staff! (And we are happy to be part of their staff!)

That being said, we put as much planning and detail into every cat photo session that we do for the dogs… if not more! 


Most of the cats we photograph are indoors at their home and in the environment where they feel most comfortable. However, we totally understand that their parents may have anxiety or questions about having a home session because of logistics. And after all, homes are lived in! 

Our clients don’t have to worry though. We handle everything and will come to your home to check out the spaces and let you know how to get the most out of your cat photography session. We can even help stage the areas of your home where your photo session will take place! (Our clients love this as we are super detail orientated and will catch any potential dilemmas.)

For those that prefer a natural location, we also can work with cats outdoors- more details on that below!

two hairless cats in front of map in dallas texas townhouse during custom photo shoot


Okay so maybe you’re starting to think there is a lot to a cat photography session. Well yes, but don’t worry! Prepping for a photo session is one of our many specialties. We meet all cats ahead of time because we know that felines need time to adjust to new people in their space. 

Plus, that gives us an idea of what we need to bring as we customize you and your cat photo session. Capturing a cat’s image in their favorite window, cat tree, or hiding place (LOL) is truly a perfect image in our book and we envision these possibilities before the session even starts!

We’re thoroughly prepared for anything! Our kitty cat kit has all of the basics and beyond: Catnip, retractable feather toys, toys with crinkle and sparkle, cat treats, and a few other fun techniques and strategies are all part of the exclusive Jenna Regan Photography process. (Believe me…we have many more surprises too! Your cat will love us!)

Photography Equipment

In addition to all the versatile cat persuasive tools in our cat kit, we bring all photography equipment to you. It’s truly like we are bringing the studio to you!

Among our pro gear, we have lighting and reflectors to get the perfect indoor photo. We truly have all sorts of equipment, gear, and tools you wouldn’t expect… especially chosen to be most beneficial to a cat photo session. In addition, our cat clients are kept in mind at every step of the photographing process so that means no flash is used. 

However, we do bring special lights for the cats!  We all know how sensitive kitties can be to new sights, sounds, and people and we want to keep everything fun and comfortable everything we do keeps this in mind.

Options for the Adventurous Feline…

Cat sessions are definitely not limited to the indoors. An outdoor cat photo session can happen in the backyard, a park, or at one of our private locations.

We have met many harness and leash trained cats over the years and their owners are always impressed with the resulting artwork. Just like our dog photo sessions, the leash and harness are used while taking the photos, but later will be professionally edited out of the final artwork with our exclusive master art retouching

outdoor family photos with cat and dog- fall family photos

Lifetime Memories

A photo session with us is a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered fondly for a lifetime. Let us worship your cats as the Egyptians did!

Interested in booking a cat session? 

All of us at Jenna Regan Photography absolutely love cats and kittens. And there is nothing we would love more than getting to plan the perfect photo session for your cat.

The process I have created and all the preparation that goes into every cat photo session is so worth it to see my clients beam with pride over their images whether it is new wall art or custom coffee table album starring their beloved cat. 

We love telling the story of your family. Let your kitty be the star and be pampered by all of us!

Check out our portfolio of cat images taken throughout Dallas- Fort Worth.

It’s so hard not to melt when viewing those adorable feline faces! 

george- senior cat- jenna regan photography

Is it time to spotlight your cat or kitten?

Let us learn more about your special cat, talk about logistics, and customize a photo session just for you during a Pet Photography Style Consultation.