DFW Brittany Spaniel Event Pet Photography

DFW Brittany Spaniel Event Pet Photography I am involved with many different rescue groups and they all are great people. I am continuously amazed by the wonderful people who work in rescue. To see and hear so many happy endings regularly, brings me a lot of joy and also has given me a lot of photography inspiration! I wanted to blog a little about the Brit[...]

Texoma Pet Photography for the Texoma SPCA

Texoma Pet Photography for the Texoma SPCA I'm an animal person.  I just can't help but want to bring them all home! But as I juggle 8 horses, 4 dogs, and 2 cats... I realize, as frustrating it is for me to admit... I just can't. So my best solution has been to help by using my pet photography! You never know what you're going to get to work when photogr[...]

Puppy's First Year Photo Sessions | DFW Puppy Photography

  So many changes happen in a year. Time really does fly. I’ve heard it said over and over again. But I truly realize it the older I get. When it comes to life a year ago, it’s almost hard to recall. I do remember in 2013, we added another member to the family. A Catahoula/Plot cross known as Ace or, as I still call him at times, Puppy. My [...]

Dog Photography at the North Texas Irish Festival | Dallas Texas

Dog Photography at the North Texas Irish Festival | Dallas Texas  What is it?  Head on out to see my dog photography at the North Texas Irish Festival  in Dallas Texas!  The theme this year is "Erin Go Bark" and there will be a building full of pet related services and dog rescues. It's being held at Fair Park in Dallas. I am really excited. I l[...]

Pet Photography for a Cause: Helping a McKinney, Texas Dog Rescue

Pet Photography for a Good Cause: Helping McKinney's Moka's Dog Rescue After meeting the gang at Moka's Dog Rescue last fall, I have been inspired to help any way I can. Naturally, since I have maxed all limits on number of pets allowed at my house-- it involves a camera. I know so many are like me and would love to help more, but adopting another pet is[...]

Texas Christmas Tree Farm Photo Sessions | North Texas

I have always wanted to do photo sessions at a Christmas tree farm and this year I found a great Texas location! The Ivanhoe Christmas Tree Farm is an amazing location and is right in my backyard! The holidays are in full swing! Yesterday, after a great Thanksgiving dinner I went out to the Ivanhoe Christmas Tree Farm and took some photos. Oh my! It w[...]

Holiday Pet and Family Photography Sessions: McKinney, Texas

This morning at church I was reminded that November is a month to give thanks and to be careful not to forget about the holiday between Halloween and Christmas. It's easy to do with all the craziness this time of year. Not to mention that I have been talking about Christmas since September with my clients! But in thinking about Thanksgiving, I realize there'[...]

Pet and Family Photography Holiday Sessions: Sherman, Texas

Pet and Family Photography Holiday Sessions: Sherman, Texas I am so excited to share some information a very special cause I am working with-- Animal Refuge Foundation in Sherman, Texas. But first let me tell you the why behind this! I love animals and will do anything I can to help with animals in need. I have a huge soft spot for all animals and have a[...]

Ways to Display Your Photos

Why tangible products? I have a confession to make and I have a feeling I am not alone. Even though as a professional pet photographer I have all sorts of photography technology available to me, when I want to take a photo, I end up grabbing my iPhone. Okay so it is a good thing for the convenience and easy to share with others but what happens to these [...]

College Station Texas Pet Photography Mini Sessions

After spending two years in College Station while attending Texas A&M, it’s always fun to go back! That’s why I am thrilled to announce an awesome project Rachel Dunham-Tatum of Good Paws Training and Behavior Center and I put together. We’re offering “Dogs and Their People” photo session at the Good Paws Training Center on September 28, 2013. The[...]