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The Short Story

I’ve been lucky. I’ve never known life without a dog, cat, or horse of my own. A (sometimes crazy) love for animals has shaped my entire world.

My passion for photography was ignited at Texas A&M University where I took a photography course while I completed my degree in agricultural communications and journalism.

When I’m not working, you might find me sipping wine or coffee, volunteering with dog rescues, or riding and training my horses. (One of these days I’ll get back to the show pen.)

Whenever I can combine any of the above with time with my friends or husband, Jake, life is even better.

Oh, and the rest of my time is spent spoiling my dog entourage, Jack, Ace, and Leo. They said to tell you that’s the most important thing about me.

Fun facts

a peek into my world

I am

a full time photographer, recovering perfectionist, wife, Aggie, from Pennsylvania, cowgirl at heart

I’m a pet photographer because

Of course, I love photography but also since I can’t have any more pets (full house!) the next best thing is loving on and adoring yours!

I wish

I could help more animals, had time to show horses again, could visit with my grandmother more often

I love

the sparkle in a dog’s eye, the smell of horses, learning something new every day, handwritten notes, anything turquoise

I can’t

keep track of my cell phone, keep my car clean, pack lightly, leave the house without sunglasses, wait to meet you!

I’m always

Reading more than one book at a time, listening to podcasts while driving, talking to animals, carrying a to-do list

I’m terrible at

cooking, most domestic housewife duties, being a morning person, replying to texts

I’m good at

listening, finding delight in the little things, editing leashes out of images, losing track of time

Meet my family

all are photographed often, some like the camera more than others

 My husband <strong>Jake</strong>
  • My husband Jake

  • often in charge of getting ears up

 Jack, <strong>Ace</strong>, and <strong>Leo</strong>
  • Jack, Ace, and Leo

  • Canine Models

<strong>Quincy</strong> and Dahlia
  • Quincy and Dahlia

  • Feline Models

<strong>Luna</strong>, Maggie, Charlotte, Josey, Vera, Allie, and Chrome
  • Luna, Maggie, Charlotte, Josey, Vera, Allie, and Chrome

  • Equine Models

Let’s get to know each other

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. Now that you know a little about me, let’s schedule a meeting over the phone or in person to discuss you, your dog and your photo session ideas! I want to learn about you too!


award winning dallas pet dog photographer jenna regan