Okay, I’ll admit it… I’m a hardcore Amazon shopper (don’t get my husband started on that please) and I constantly find myself sharing great finds I’ve purchased on Amazon with my clients and friends in conversation. So I decided why not compile a list of some of my all-time favorite finds for Dog Moms (and Cat Moms in some cases) to check out!

These items would be great gifts for Dog Moms any time of year- from Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even just because!

Oh and if you’re here shopping for yourself, believe me, I fully support that too! ;)

So here it is, the result of combing through over 170 of my Amazon orders with the word dog in them…  my top 10 awesome gifts for Dog Moms!

1. Neater Feeder: Deluxe Dog and Cat Feeder

Oh my goodness before I found this life-changing dog bowl my dogs were making the biggest mess on my kitchen floors. I seriously can’t imagine how they could have been any messier. It was driving me crazy with constant clean up. Enter the Neater Feeder!

I love that it’s tall enough for the bigger dogs Ace and Leo who are in the 75lb range yet reachable for Jack, my 25lb rat terrier. Because my dogs are such voracious drinkers we use both sides for water. Honestly, the Neater Feeder has been the perfect water bowl system for my pups for over 3 years now! We have the bronze one but there are several other fun colors to match your decor too!

2. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

Several years ago I was in an ordering appointment with a client and asked how her dog Zoe was doing. My client immediately said “Great, do you want to see her?” From there she popped out her phone and showed me the live feed of Zoe napping away. She asked if I wanted to give Zoe some treats- umm of course!!- and we pressed the button to send treats out of the Furbo, waking Zoe in a frenzy of tail-wagging excitement. It was so precious!  I was in awe and immediately decided we needed a Furbo too!

My senior boy Jack is the main reason I knew we just had to have the Furbo. As much as I absolutely love my clients and what I do, it’s hard to leave Jack for the long days I put in. But now with the Furbo, I have so much peace of mind knowing I can pop back in and see what he’s up to at any time. His hearing is pretty much gone, but he does react a bit to the high-pitched sound the Furbo makes as it dispenses a treat. So I love to spoil him when I can! Oh, and a funny spin-off of the treat tossing is one of my other boys, Leo, has figured out where the treats come from and I’ve caught him on several occasions licking the opening of the Furbo. 🤦‍♀️

Fun Fact: Furbo has a Furbo Nanny subscription where you can receive alerts and info about what your pet is up to. Once while sitting with a client during our portrait planning appointment, I received an alert on my phone that Jack was sending me a selfie! Because he had looked straight into the camera, Furbo took a photo of him and sent an alert to me!!  It was literally the highlight of my day and just the kind of phone notification/disruption that made both my client and I smile!

3. Custom Picture Necklace 

Doesn’t every dog mom need to have their furbaby with them as a necklace?! I’m dying over these engraved sterling silver pendants. You can have any photo you want of any type of pet on the front and engraving on the back, all for around $30!!? What a great find!

Okay hear me out on this one, I haven’t received mine yet but I am already in love! I ordered one of my horse Luna but seriously I’m totally envisioning me ordering one of all my pets! I mean it was near impossible to choose one custom necklace (for now) but I settled on Luna because she is my heart horse and I wanted to carry that around with me to inspire me and as a reminder to make time for one of the things I love most in this world- time with my horses.


4. Safstar Heavy Duty Pet Dog Puppy Outdoor Exercise Playpen

This was a great find for Jack as well. He is severely anxious about being contained in any care or enclosure so typically over the years we’ve just avoided doing that entirely. However, as he’s gotten older he now is a bit harder to watch outside or leave roaming in the house while I’m gone. I spent a long time searching for the right enclosure option and I couldn’t be happier with this exercise pen.

This playpen is so handy because we can use it indoors or outdoors and arrange in any shape that we need. It’s also been perfect when my mom visits with her miniature dachshund, Paisley. I’ve also used it on occasion to block off doorways to keep the dogs on the other side.  Just an all-around handy thing to have!

It’s not something we use every day and Jack doesn’t LOVE it as I do but he does seem to tolerate it okay when we do use it. And I have peace of mind knowing he’s completely safe and sound and that’s a true gift!!

5. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

The iFetch was on the wish list for my sister’s dog, Reese, for years. It became a running joke that poor Reese was waiting patiently for an iFetch- the toy of her dreams. Well finally for my sister’s birthday I decided to surprise her and Reese. The iFetch was (and continues to be) a big hit.  If you have a tennis ball obsessed dog it doesn’t get much better!

Oh and if you have bigger dogs like me, they also sell a larger iFetch that tosses bigger balls. One of the fun things about this model over the other one is that it has a rechargeable battery, perfect for taking outdoors… or on location for a photo session ;) I’m filing that away for a future purchase!


6. Best Dog Mom Ever Mug

I love my daily coffee and routine grabbing a mug that inspires me each day. I have a variety of mugs some that include photos of my horses, quotes I love, places I’ve visited, colorful pet-themed mugs and more. I really love the simplicity of the above mug from Amazon!

Side Note: The majority of the mugs I personally have are custom mugs I’ve made. I have so many awesome designs I’ve created including all different breeds of dogs and inspiring quotes. If you’d like to browse my designs and order a custom mug shoot me an email at jenna@jennaregan.com

7. Life Goal: Pet All the Dogs T-shirt

I’m kind of a weirdo and when I find something I really love I usually end up buying a couple. That’s what happened with this t-shirt, bought one, needed another! The t-shirt material is so soft and looks flattering on. It’s easy to wash, I hand dry it and it’s wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

The fun thing about this shirt is how many people smile and chat with me when I’m wearing it out and about. I wore it while traveling to Nashville for a photography workshop and throughout check-in, security, boarding, and in and around the airport so many people told me they loved my shirt and told me stories about their dogs. It was so fun!

This one isn’t one I’ve bought (yet) but Dog Mother Wine Lover looks like a super cute t-shirt too!


8. FriendshipCollar Dog or Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set

My first thought was, “friendship bracelets for dogs AND dog moms? I think it love it!”

I first saw these friendship sets in person on my sweet pittie client, Sasha, and I immediately had to go look it up. I didn’t realize they were on Amazon until later when I bought this set as a gift for a sweet client of mine (and she loved it!) as a thank you.

Since all my dogs are boys this one is my pick but I also really love this pink version for a feminine look!

Fun Find: They also have a matching leash for some of the patterns so be sure to check that out too.


9. Fruitables All Natural 7 Ounce Vegetarian Pumpkin Baked Crunchy Dog Treats 

My dogs absolutely love these treats, which is honestly surprising because they are all fruit flavored! We keep a cookie jar full of these treats by the door and every time the dogs go in and out they get one. (I know they are so spoiled!!) I started this routine for Jack first and now Ace and Leo have picked up on it.

When you open the bag, you can smell the fruit! These treats smell good and only have 8 calories or less per treat- win, win! I also like that each variety includes pumpkin which is so so good for the dogs!

Funny story…  I paused writing this blog to let the dogs out and saw Amazon boxes on the porch. I began opening and instantly the dogs were invading my space trying to see what was in the box. Come to find out one of the items in the box were these treats and they knew it! 🤣


framed portrait dog mom pet photography session gift certificate

10. A pet photography session with Jenna Regan Photography!

Okay, this one isn’t from Amazon but it’s a great gift I promise- a custom, one-of-a-kind thing any Dog Mom would love!

Over the years I have helped spouses, partners, children, parents, and friends surprise the heck out of someone they love by gifting a photography session with me. I have seen how pumped my clients are about this gift experience.

Most recently, I had the honor of photographing a sweet client’s lab during her last few weeks with her beloved boy. It was a Christmas gift from her mom and I know her mom was excited to gift her this session but considering now what this gift means to her I can truly say it is a priceless gift and experience she will treasure forever. It’s that special!

Side note: For those last-minute shoppers, like me, you purchase a dollar amount directly online through my secure online checkout and send electronically or print immediately, however, if you have the time I really encourage you to reach out to me directly so I can help you with a complete package and maybe even some other surprises!

Do you have other awesome Amazon finds for Dog Moms to share with me? I’d love to hear and do some more shopping! Send me an email at jenna@jennaregan.com.


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